We welcome you to join today!  Please visit our Application Page for information on applying for membership.  Dues are $50.00 per year.  If you have questions about membership or USA-FEPP in general, feel free to email us.

  • Identification of property requirements
  • Methodology for determining availability of property
  • Development of effective screening techniques including electronic screening
  • Tips for accelerating the disposal process
  • Networking through the many USA contacts
  • Learning how to automate for increasing property visibility
  • Economical tips for pick up and transportation of property
  • Filing out property requisitions and disposal documents
  • Understanding government rules for managing federal excess personal property

Membership can Assist you in...

The Users and Screeners Association (USA) is an independent consortium of federal agencies, cost reimbursement contractors, project grantees, federal cooperators from land grant universities, and others who acknowledge the prime directive to use Federal Excess Personal Property as the first source of supply.  Consequently, USA is a unique blend of screeners who are looking to acquire property and federal property managers who are anxious to dispose of property.  Blended within are agency property administrators, GSA Policy and Operations personnel, DLA/DRMS Policy and Operations Personnel, GSA Area Property Officers, and a wealth of other persons who all contribute to making Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) the first source of supply.

What's our Purpose

The purpose of our organization is to share expertise, alert members to program changes, promote the benefits of using federal excess personal property, develop professionalism among federal screeners, and provide a unified voice to federal personal property concerns.  The ultimate goal for USA-FEPP members--and any FEPP professional regardless of membership--is to serve as a steward for the American taxpayer's investment in government.

USA has National Executive Board with representatives elected by the USA members attending the annual workshop, and an Executive Presidential Advisor.

What can USA do for you?

*The USA holds annual seminars and workshops.

*The USA Directory contains contact information on approximately 300 users and screeners of FEPP.

*The USA "Frequently Asked Questions" section lists answers to approximately 70 common questions relating to Federal Excess Personal Property.

*USA members share ideas and learn from others' experience

*USA solidifies links with leading federal property managers and policy makers.

*USA members are kept informed about the latest developments in Federal Excess Personal Property Programs.

*USA offers national recognition for Federal Excess Personal Property Programs.

*USA "Partners" with other groups and associations affiliated with federal property management, procurement, physical asset management, property management training, etc..

Benefits of Membership

How we are Organized

User and Screeners Assocation